Connectivity in Transportation: Digi WR64

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Digi WR64 Cellular Router for a Smarter, Safer and More Efficient Connection

The Digi Transport WR64
Source: How to Simplify Transit Communications with a Single Connectivity Solution, Digi.

Through the evolution of technology, over the years, transport agencies and partners have implemented a variety of new applications and systems to their network of vehicles, gradually requiring independent means of Internet connectivity. This began with something simple, like GPS navigation, however it has progressively advanced to add-ons such as on-board payment systems, passenger Internet, digital signs, cameras etc.

To support these evolving functions, even more hardware, software, databases and a multitude of systems will have to be deployed, as well as maintained. This has been a classic “recipe for disaster” waiting to happen, given that the transport agencies and partners already have to maintain their current network of vehicles, their large IT infrastructure, and security within their tight budget constraints.

Digi’s solution to this problem is to consolidate vehicle connectivity across applications and subsystems in transportation, rail and less-secure mobile environments. The Digi WR64 Cellular Router offers a single, unified mobile communications solution for secure, high-speed cellular connectivity between vehicles and central operations centres.

The Digi WR64 is a dual module LTE-Advanced router with true enterprise-class routing, security, firewall and integrated VPN. Built with a quad-core 1.91GHz CPU and PCle 2.0 internal bus, we can provide you with a flexible interface design with an integrated Wi-Fi access point, USB, serial and four-port wired Ethernet switch, along with the standard GPS and Bluetooth.

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