Digi Infrastructure Management

The Digi infrastructure management portfolio can transform your plug-in hardware into a digital dialogue. Explore the intelligent, secure range below to find the best connectivity solution for you, for even the most demanding applications.

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Sensor Connectivity

Industrial Monitoring

Interface with industry-standard sensors regardless of whether mains power is available. Configure multiple I/O with threshold and delta alarms to remotely monitor, report and diagnose the status of tanks and equipment at the edge.

Industrial Control

User-friendly, sophisticated automation control application, allowing you to automate remote industrial processes for rapid deployment across many industrial applications.

Manage from Digi SkyCloud

Real-time data with phone and cloud reporting, define and monitor critical points of the system, customise reports and alarms, receive alerts text/email during critical events, and gain insights with access to historical data and automated reporting.

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USB Connectivity

Access and monitor USB over IP or directly connected to a PC, server or thin client.

Key Benefits

  • Centralise or virtualise computers for organised work area
  • Streamline configuration and testing
  • Offers flexible connectivity options
  • Data transfer speeds 10x faster than USB 2.0
  • Daisy-chain up to 127 USB device

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Connect USB peripheral devices anywhere on a Local Area Network (LAN) without a locally-attached host computer:

AnywhereUSB Plus

USB Hubs
Switch USB expansion hubs for instant peripheral device connectivity, adding USB ports to a PC, server or thin client:


Easy out-of-the-box solution for I/O expansion is available in a wide variety of configurations for maximum flexibility and scalability:


Serial Connectivity

External terminal serial servers that provide serial to Ethernet connectivity; promiseing high performance connectivity for demanding automation applications. Digi serial servers connect critical equipment to applications to provide 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 port serial over Ethernet options.

Key Benefits

  • Integrate equipment across multiple protocols
  • Next generation terminal servers support GB Ethernet and IPv6 networks
  • Hardened options for harsh and hazardous conditions
  • Models with selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports to connect a wide variety of serial equipment over IP networks
  • Patented Com port redirector allowing multiple connects to multiple ports over a single TCP/IP connection

Featuring: Connect EZ Family

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Terminal Servers
8 – 32 port serial over ethernet:

ConnectPort TS
ConnectPort LTS

Device Servers
1 – 8 port serial over ethernet:

Connect EZ
Digi PortServer TS
PortServer TS MEI Hardened
PortServer TS MEI

Extended Safety / IEC 60601
IEC 60601 terminal servers:

Connect ES
Connect WS

Hardened, rugged serial servers for industrial applications:

Connect EZ
PortServer TS MEI Hardened
One IAP Family
One IA

Serial Cards
Low-profile serial adapter cards:


USB to Serial
Easy out-of-the-box solution for I/O expansion:


Console Servers

Digi Console Access Servers provide secure and intelligent console access to critical data center assets and infrastructure such as routers, servers, switches, power controllers and storage.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless console access over any network
  • Straight through cabling for most IT devices
  • Centralised IT asset management
  • Simultaneous access to multiple devices

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Digi Connect IT Mini

Secure, affordable, managed out-of-band access for isolated remote IT devices

Digi Connect IT 4

Out-of-band management of network and server equipment

Digi Connect IT 16/48

Centrally manage routers, firewalls, servers and other critical IT infrastructure over LTE or enterprise WAN

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