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Digi’s popular range of XBee RF modules were originally released fifteen years ago. More than 15 million devices have been deployed in the field since then. Today, we introduce the new Digi XBee3 Mobile App development kit.

These versatile modules are available in 2.4GHz for worldwide use, whereas the long-range 868MHz and 915MHz modules are designed to support their designated regions. The XBee range also includes several fully certified cellular XBee modules supporting LTE Cat-1, NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M.

Digi XBee3 standards

The ISM band modules support point-to-point, star, and mesh networking configurations. These have been successfully deployed in industrial, agricultural, and smart building applications to connect a range of machine controllers, sensors, and actuators. The three main protocols supported by the latest 2.4GHz XBee3 devices are: Zigbee, DigiMesh (also supported by the sub-GHz modules) and IEEE 802.15.4. All protocols are interchangeable on the same hardware with a simple firmware update. The modules can easily interface to a host controller or microcontroller (if required) via the various serial ports supported: UART, SPI and I2C.

Digi provides several tools that enable engineers for a quick start with the XBee technology via the Digi XBee development kits, XCTU (XBee configuration tool), the XBIB family development boards, the XBee USB adaptors for local wireless connectivity, and XBee gateways. The latest XBee3 modules (currently supporting 2.4GHz only) are available in through hole, surface mount, and micro mount (13mm x 19mm) form factors.

A new feature on the XBee3 is its support for embedded Micro Python scripts to enable standalone operation without the need for an additional microcontroller in the design. A Digi PyCharm plugin is available to enable a seamless development platform, and readily connects to the XBee3 device. In addition, the new XBee3 modules support simultaneous Bluetooth Low Energy communication for beaconing, or to connect to a Bluetooth enabled device for configuration (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, laptop). 

Digi XBee3 Mobile App

The latest addition to the XBee3 Tool Suite is the Digi XBee Mobile App, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. The Digi XBee Mobile App enables a quick and seamless connection to XBee3 devices over BLE, and gives access to all the registers in the XBee3. The Digi Xbee3 mobile apps allow local wireless configuration to be performed without the need for a physical laptop or PC connection. 

The Digi XBee3 Mobile App SDK provides a set of libraries, code examples, and documentation to easily create iOS and Android apps which interact with Xbee3 modules over Bluetooth. A custom HMI facilitates the deployment of Xbee3 modules, and related accessories, into the field. With this technology, engineers are no longer required to develop custom test suits.

Digi XBee3 Mobile App SDK


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Author: Jason Good CEng, MIET, Business Development Engineer

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