Hi-Rel Human Interface Solutions

IEE provides innovative human-systems-interface (HSI) solutions for the most demanding environments and uses.

Airborne Displays

Whether for cockpit or crew cabin, IEE knows how to build a rugged airborne display. The products IEE design for the commercial and military airborne markets range from enhanced flat panel operator consoles to in-cockpit avionics to space-qualified smart displays, offering unique ruggedized packaging, electrical design and software capabilities.

Ground Vehicle and Soldier Displays

IEE’s rugged in-vehicle and manpack monitors and control display units are designed to survive on the battlefield. Military displays must deliver reliable performance under demanding conditions; IEE’s handheld devices and tactical displays for ground mobile applications are built and tested to survive everything from a boot kick to nuclear, biological or chemical decontamination procedures.

IEE Naval Displays

IEE has a long and proven track record designing and manufacturing rugged displays for Naval applications. Above deck or below, IEE’s naval displays are built to withstand humidity, salt and the extreme vibration and temperature variations that come with a life at sea. With almost 70 years of experience manufacturing durable military monitors, IEE displays can be found on the bridge, in the CIC and RIC of submarines, cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers around the world.

Enhanced Flat Panel Displays

Rugged LCD monitors built for optimal image quality under all lighting conditions from NVIS to full sunlight. Enhanced to meet all relevant MILSPEC’s. Military LCD monitor designs can incorporate keypads, switch bezels and feature lightweight enclosures that can stand up to demanding environments. Enhanced flat panel displays include features like multi-mode backlighting, brightness control from NVIS to high bright, optical bonding of protective glass, touch screens, EMI filtering, and custom anti-reflective/anti-glare (AR/AG) coatings.

Hand-Held Devices

IEE Handheld Control Display Units – ultra-rugged light-weight portable devices which combine a rugged, sunlight readable display with a keypad and/or touchscreen interface. Designed to control military equipment ranging from IED jammers to missile defence systems.

Protected by a lightweight case made of Ultem high-temp, glass-filled thermoplastic, IEE CDUs are watertight, fungus-resistant and configured for in-vehicle or manpack applications. All CDUs are built with snap-dome buttons that offer tactile feedback even when operated with MOPP-4 gloves and are backlit for night time operation.

Smart Displays

A combination of embedded processor, rugged LCD panel and sealed switches and keys that brings interactive computing power to the battlefield. When a military application requires more functionality than just a display and touch screen, IEE’s off-the-shelf processor boards can be integrated into powerful display subsystems. IEE’s rugged smart displays typically combine data entry keypads or switch arrays on the front-panel bezel with specialised communication I/O and internal power conversion from standard vehicle or aircraft power sources (12V DC, 28V DC, 115V AC 400Hz).

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