IoThink: Custom IoT Monitoring & Analysing Software

IoThink Solutions is an IoT company offering fully customisable software to remotely control, monitor and analyse data, equipment and environments to support various smart technologies. Founded in 2016 by Julien Dalmasso (CEO), Jérémy Mirouf (CTO) and Antoine Feldner (Head of Project Management department), using the ‘KHEIRON IoT Suite’, IoThink provides the tools needed to build bespoke IoT platforms which are compatible with a wide range of market sensors, and are adaptable to many applications to meet numerous requirements.

KHEIRON IoT Suite Features

  • KHEIRON Studio IoThink’s integrated development environment (IDE) to create your own dashboard
  • KHEIRON Service Platform web version to monitor your equipment and analyse your data
  • KHEIRON Mobile on iOS & Android

KHEIRON IoT Suite was named after the centaur Kheiron from Ancient Greece mythology, also represented by the constellation Sagittarius. According to Greek mythology, Kheiron was the wisest and most skillful of the centaurs, so much so that he was the master of many ancient heroes. He was not only recognised for his knowledge, but above all for his ability to restitute knowledge and transmit it. This is what the IoT platform, Kheiron IoT Suite, does.

Why Choose IoThink Solutions?

  • The platform is agnostic; it already works with more than 15 communication protocols and connectivity networks (Sigfox, Lora WAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, 3G,4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, HTTPS, MQTTS, etc.)
  • IoThink has created more than 1000s of use cases to date – more than 100 of these are already available in their public library of dashboards
  • The platform is multi-tenant – specific rights and roles can be assigned to administrators, technicians, etc.
  • IoThink can integrate any type of sensor, tracker or machine to the KHEIRON platform; their developers have already created more than 500 decoders. If a customer cannot find a device in the public library, they simply need to submit the technical information (payload) and IoThink engineers will do the integration for the customer
  • KHEIRON Service Platform is available both on the web and on mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • The entire solution is available in White Label
  • KHEIRON Studio allows you to quickly design your own dashboard (create custom Digital Twins) using the ‘Drag & Drop’ system and a toolbox with widgets
  • Finally, users can create alerts by email, SMS and push notifications (on mobile devices) and generate reports that can be exported (in PDF, Excel or images)


IoThink Solutions already addresses various markets so it can help any type of business (from start-ups, SMBs, international corporations, etc.) and public organisations to accelerate their digital transformation and increase their ROI.

IoThink can assist any IoT project in the fields of: Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Retail, Smart Agriculture and Smart Logistics.

Ideal for

Device makers, machine builders, system integrators, network operators, OEMs, facility managers, solution providers, etc.

Partnership with Solid State Supplies

IoThink software solutions is a highly complementary service to Solid State Supplies’ hardware and support offerings. We recently partnered with IoThink to strengthen our complete IoT solutions.

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