Orion Fans Launches AC & DC IP69K Rated Fans

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Orion Fans has launched AC and DC versions of their IP69K rated fans. The IP69K range is designed to withstand high temperatures and high-pressure wash-downs of up to 80°C of water and cleaning chemicals. The IP69K rating offers the maximum environmental protection for electronics, ensuring no damage to occur and that no contaminants will enter the fan motor.

The IP69K AC and DC fans are rigorously tested by having 80°C high pressure water being sprayed from 4 angles, every 30 seconds at only 4-6 inches away from the fan.

The IP69K was originally designed for vehicles that required intensive cleaning, such as concrete trucks. This makes it ideal for other applications that require protection against dust, high temperature and high-pressure liquids to eliminate mould, bacteria and the spread of germs.

This includes applications where hygiene and cleanliness cannot be compromised, such as food and beverage processing, medical cleaning of surgical equipment, monitoring equipment and other devices, and other industries such as Industrial, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Wastewater.

“Orion Fans continues to evolve product lines to feature this new IP69K protection level. This ensures that our fans will continue to provide consistent reliable service over years of cleaning and exposure to harsh environments. Through lower cost due to reduced downtime, and a broader range of applications, Orion Fans is committed to providing thermal management solutions that keep your operations running,” said David Luna, Vice President Marketing at Orion Fans.

Orion AC DC IP69K Fans are available in the following sizes:

IP69K rated AC fans: 180mm-280mm frame sizes

IP69K rated DC fans: 60mm-172mm frame sizes

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