IR Sensing – Enabling a Smart World

Our world today is more connected than ever, and this presents a tremendous opportunity to build a more sustainable, healthy and prosperous future for us all. An ecosystem of connected devices allows for the automation of operations in the home and workplace, as data is acquired and processed, resulting in intelligence which informs systems, companies and consumers.

Sensors are key components in connected devices that recognise events or alterations in the environment and then produce the appropriate output. Sensors are essential for keeping track of temperature, pressure, movement, light and a host of other parameters, whether in manufacturing, homes, cars, schools or cities.

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are impacting the scope of sensor-based systems, and have the potential to transform the way in which data-driven decisions are made and system responses defined. Our environments are becoming ever more intelligent – and IR sensing in particular is playing an important part.

In this whitepaper, we examine trends and the drivers for growth in the infrared sensor market. With input from Solid State Supplies’ partners Excelitas Technologies and TE, we explore the impact infrared sensors are having on different markets including the health and wellbeing market, smart home market and street lighting market, with a foreward and conclusion from our Managing Director John Macmichael.

Chapter 1: All About IR Sensors: Features & Applications
Chapter 2: Impact of IR Sensors on the Smart Home & Healthcare Markets
Chapter 3: Revolutionising Street Lighting with IR Sensors

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