Achronix Semiconductor

Achronix is the only company to offer high-density and high-performance application-targeted FPGAs rich with embedded hard IP for high-performance communication applications. With peak performance up to 1.5 GHz in Speedster®22i HP devices and densities up to 1.7 million effective LUTs in Speedster22i HD devices, Achronix provides the industry’s most advanced FPGAs. Speedster22i FPGAs are built on Intel’s ground breaking 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate FinFET process

With familiar industry-standard tools and methodologies, designers are able to use Achronix FPGAs to create powerful high-performance systems. Achronix devices incorporate world-class, silicon-proven IP from strategic partners, which simplifies the FPGA designer’s task of creating high-speed applications and interfaces.

Achronix’s Speedster22i devices include the following embedded hard IP that target applications in the communication ecosystem:

  • 12.75 Gbps SerDes
  • 28 Gbps SerDes
  • 10/40/100 gigabit Ethernet PCS and MAC
  • 100 gigabit Interlaken LLC
  • PCI Express Gen 1/2/3 (x1, x4, x8)
  • DDR3 PHY and Controller

Achronix’s Speedster22i FPGAs deliver the high bandwidth designers need for their high-density and high-performance communication applications