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Bluegiga’s mission is to design and deliver easy-to-use, wireless connectivity solutions for OEMs, device manufacturers and system integrators. We supply a wide range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules in order to serve industry leaders and start-ups in all sectors: beacons, consumer electronics, health and wellness, automotive aftermarket, sports and fitness, M2M and industrial. Bluegiga understands that certified, high performance radios are key to your application’s success, and our passion is building trusted relationships with our customers that span the entire product life cycle.

Value Proposition

Developing wireless devices, having them operate reliably for years and deploying them globally is so much more than the longest range, best throughput or the lowest power consumption radios. These are all of course important, but we understand that there is much more in the equation & therefore we provide more than just the best performing radios.


Going the extra mile is what ultimately counts. This might mean covering the entire house or getting a 1,000 meter Bluetooth connection. Bluegiga designs high quality, certified radio modules that are reliable even for the most demanding applications.


Bluegiga develops our own connectivity stacks. We are able to uniquely support, maintain, develop, & customize our software in order to meet your needs. We constantly invest in interoperability & ensure our software is compatible with the latest PCs & mobile devices.


Bluegiga’s highly skilled, global Field Application Engineering (FAE) team will review your designs, tune the software, & train you on how to use our products. Helping customers & getting problems solved are written in our DNA & this is what we are known for.


We understand product quality & lifetime requirements are demanding. We place special emphasis on our product, business process quality, & product span. We manufacture modules designed to last for many years & meet the specs of industrial applications.