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For over 30 years D-Link has been creating complete, end-to-end networking solutions that deliver just that and more. D-Link’s state-of-the-art Switching, Wireless, Network, IP Surveillance, Storage and Management Solutions deliver best-in-class performance. Multi-Protocol Wireless Gateways extend D-Link’s offering into the Internet of Things.


The D-Link Thread Border Router (DSH-G300-TBR) is an OEM multiprotocol gateway which can be used to control a variety of  ZigBee, Thread, and Bluetooth automation devices. Along with the advent of Bluetooth mesh, it offers control of automation such as intelligent lighting, indoor positioning, and asset tracking.


Acting as a central hub for home and commercial automation devices, the DSH-G300-TBR supports multiple protocols such as ZigBee, Thread, and Bluetooth to allow you to mix and match sensors and devices. The DSH-G300-TBR uses an embedded Linux OS on the main CPU alongside the Silicon Labs MGM12P ZigBee module and can be either preloaded with the ZigBee stack and ZigBee API/AT command sets that enable the MGM12P module to communicate with the Linux OS and Software Application compiled image, or it can be pre-loaded with Thread. This makes it a versatile module that is ideal for use with the Thread protocol.


The DSH-G300-TBR also incorporates the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth 5, and Bluetooth Mesh technology. It includes the Bluetooth 5 2Mbps PHY for better data transfer performance. Bluetooth mesh enables reliable and scalable mesh networks for the wireless sensor network  market, which makes it perfect for smart home products. Support for
broadcasting enables beacons, location awareness, and other services for a seamless Internet of Things experience.

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