Efficient Power Conversion

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) is a leading manufacturer of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power semiconductor components. GaN-based semiconductors offer a revolutionary advancement in power density, efficiency, radiation tolerance, and circuit speed when compared to traditional Silicon semiconductors.

GaN semiconductors from EPC are ideal for applications up to 250V such as Electric Vehicle Power Systems, High-Performance Computer Systems, Industrial Power Systems, and Medical Systems. GaN-based semiconductors promises increased efficiency and power density, and reduced circuit space.

GaN-based semiconductors truly benefit applications such as LiDAR, Autonomous Vehicles and High-Speed Communications due to its increased efficiency and circuit speed, where some applications may not have been possible with Silicon-based solutions. 

The next generation of high-fidelity class D audio amplifiers are delivered with GaN; the fast switching speed and zero-reverse recovery of GaN-based semiconductors reduces total harmonic distortion significantly, resulting in a much more accurate amplification. Thee increased efficiency of GaN also allows reduced heatsinking, which means more compact products can be developed.

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