Radiocrafts designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality and cost-effective RF modules and software for use in a variety of wireless short-range applications.


Radiocrafts modules support ISM band frequencies from 169MHz up to 2450MHz and various networking protocols including Wireless Mbus, Tinymesh, Sigfox, RC232, ZNM and KNX-RF Multi.


RC232 – a robust, easy to use, protocol for point-to-point and simple networking. The data send to the transmitter will be received at the receiving end exactly as transmitted. Good for a variety of application where a simple radio protocol is sufficient. RC232 is supported for most ISM band frequencies ranging from 169MHz to 2450MHZ


Tinymesh – a light weight mesh protocol design for data-acquisition system. It is a transparent protocol that will not touch data on application level. It is designed for cost sensitive non time-critical applications. It has been very successful for electrical meter reading using bubble up networks. Tinymesh is supported for most ISM band frequencies ranging from 169MHz to 2450MHZ


Wireless MBUS – a standard protocol developed for meter reading that also can be used for Industrial sensor networks. It has a number of modes and dialect, that has been developed over the years for various use cases. Radiocrafts can support most of those with their MBUS3 and MBUS4 implementations. Wireless MBUS is supported for most ISM band frequencies ranging from 169MHz up to 915 MHZ


KNX RF Multi – a standard protocol for Home and building automation that is compatible with the KNX wired protocols. KNX- RF Multi share the physical and link layer with the Wireless MBUS protocol. Wireless KNX-RF Multi is supported 868 MHZ


Sigfox – a cellular technology for long range, low data-rate applications. Sigfox and its operators supports with base-stations covering large geographies. A device can the be connected to the network and get access to the Internet for a small fee. It is proven very successful in outdoor sensor and tracking applications. Sigfox is supported on 868 and 915 MHz


ZNM – is Radiocrafts protocol based on a Z-Stack from Texas Instruments that is fully Zigbee compliant. The ZNM is a mesh protocol that is easy to use. Its main target application is home and building automation. ZNM is supported on 2450 MHz

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