Robustel Technologies

Making IoT/M2M possible!

Guangzhou Robustel Technologies Co., Ltd is the leading industrial IoT/M2M Hardware and Solution Provider. Since its establishment in 2010, Robustel has been concentrating on providing Industrial GoRugged Cellular Routers, Gateways, Modems, Cloud Platform and E2E Solutions.


Robustel treats high quality products and services as it’s corporate DNA. It’s ISO9000 Quality Management System makes for a sophisticated approach to quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Thanks to that, Robustel has successfully passed global certification, including CE, FCC, PTCRB, AT&T, IC, Rogers, GCF, RCM, IDA, NBTC, E13 etc.


Robustel has engaged itself heavily in the global IoT/M2M development. Robustel’s hardware & solutions have been widely recognized and deployed in various vertical segments – Smart Grid, Oil & Gas, Financial sector, Security & Surveillance, Industrial Automation & eHealth. Meanwhile it has worked very closely with leading mobile operators, such as AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, SingTel & Vodafone, in order to provide customers “out-of-the-box” solutions for a large number of IoT/M2M use cases.


Looking forward, Robustel will continue engaging in Industrial IoT & M2M Markets, providing secure, reliable, scalable, managed E2E Solutions.

Products Range

Cellular Routers & Gateways

Multi-Protocol Gateways