Digi Rabbit Coyote (BL2500)


Product Overview

Coyote (BL2500)

C-Programmable Single-Board Computer with Ethernet

The Coyote single-board computer gives OEM designers extremely low-cost embedded control for high-volume applications. Two standard models—one with Ethernet, one without feature the Rabbit® 3000 microprocessor running at 29.4 MHz, with standard 256K flash and 128K SRAM. These compact boards are rich with the I/O (including one A/D input and two D/A outputs) designers need for embedded control and monitoring applications, and the Coyote’s compact board size of 3.95″ ×
3.95″ (100 × 100 mm) is easily mountable in standard 100 mm DIN rail trays.

Customized BL2500 models can be manufactured in volume in OEM versions to user-specified configurations. Pin-compatible RabbitCore modules allow multiple configurations of the Coyote with Ethernet and memory options.


– Rabbit 3000® microprocessor operating at 29.4 MHz (option for 44.2 MHz with 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface)
– 128K SRAM and 256K flash memory standard, optional 512K SRAM/512K flash
– 24 digital I/O: 9 protected and filtered digital inputs, 7 high-speed protected but unfiltered digital inputs, and 8 digital outputs sinking up to 200 mA at up to 36 V DC
– one 8-bit analog input channel
– two 9-bit PWM analog output channels
– six serial ports, including RabbitNet™ expansion ports
– one 10/100-compatible RJ-45 Ethernet port with standard 10Base-T interface (optional 10/100Base-T interface)
– 4 user-programmable LEDs.
– battery-backed real-time clock.
– watchdog supervisor.
– onboard backup battery for real-time clock and SRAM



BL2500 Single Board Compu ter


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