Efficient Power Conversion – EPC – EPC2020 – 90A, 470A Pulse, 60V

Product Overview

EPC are recognised as industry leaders in the field of low voltage Gallium Nitride (GaN) .

Gallium Nitride’s exceptionally high electron mobility and low temperature coefficient allows very low RDS(on), while its lateral device structure and majority carrier diode provide exceptionally low QGand zero QRR. The end result is a device that can handle tasks where very high switching frequency, and low on-time are beneficial as well as those where on-state losses dominate.


High Frequency DC-DC Conversion
Motor Drive
Industrial Automation
Synchronous Rectification
Class D Audio



GaN Enhance Power Transistor 90A, 470A Pulse, 60V LGA 6.05 x 2.3, EPC9033

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