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The LCO7270 is a groundplane independent 4G LTE compact outdoor omni antenna covering 690-2700 MHz i.e. 4G, LTE, 3G and GSM/Cellular frequencies. Housed in a weatherproof Luran sheath, with a passivated aluminium base, the LCO7270 is groundplane independent therefore it doesn’t need a metal surface to operate effectively. With gain of 2 dBi across the bands, the radiation pattern is omni-directional making it suitable for both fixed and mobile applications.
Unlike other compact omni antennas that require a groundplane, the LCO7270’s ability to be mounted in free space, or on non-metal surfaces and enclosures is a tangible advantage. The 4G LTE compact outdoor omni antenna can be fitted with a number of connectors including N-Female Bulkhead (for stud-mounting, TNC-Female bulkhead (for stud mounting where a smaller mounting hole is required or where there is less real estate inside the enclosure), N-Male, TNC-Male, RP-TNC, SMA and RP-SMA.
There is also an option for a wall-mount version using a stainless steel L-Bracket called the LCO7270-WMB.



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