Embedded Antenna Designs – EAD – FCMO35303 – LTE / 4G MIMO Low-profile Puck Antenna

Product Overview

The CMO is a 4G LTE MIMO puck antenna ideal for LTE applications requiring a low profile MIMO antenna for 4G and LTE fixed and mobile applications.

The CMO is 4G LTE MIMO puck antenna operating at 4G/LTE multiband frequencies from 690-2700 MHz. A permanent, through-hole mount antenna, the CMO has two 4G/LTE/Multiband elements enabling MIMO operation in discreet, robust housing.

With peak gain ranging across the bands from 1 dBi to 3.5 dBi, the CMO offers an effective solution for mobile 4G and LTE MIMO applications offering support for 3G and GPRS services if required.

The CMO mounts via a threaded stud and is held in place by a robust locking nut. In conjunction with the gasket underneath, a waterproof seal against a flat mounting surface can be formed ensuring that the antenna is suited to continuous outdoor deployment. The CMO antenna operates most effectively if it is mounted onto a metal surface, enclosure or bracket. The mounting hole size is 20mm.

Supplied as standard with 2 x RG174 cables, the antenna can be customised with a number of connectors including SMA, TS9, FME, TNC, CRC9.


– Low profile Puck antenna
– 2x LTE/4G Multiband elements
– Permanent Mount
– Fully waterproof when mounted


Element 1 Element 2
Frequency Range 690-800/ 800-960/ 1710-2170/ 2500-2700 MHz 690-800/ 800-960/ 1710-2170/ 2500-2700 MHz
Peak Gain 1/ 2.5/ 3.8/ 5 dBi 1/ 2.5/ 3.8/ 5 dBi
Polarisation Linear Linear
Impedance 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
Power Rating 10W 10W
Cable / Connector 2 x RG174 – SMA/TS9/Custom
Dimensions 102 x 33.5mm (dxh) max




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