Excelitas Single Photon Counting Module SPCM-AQ4C

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Excelitas SPCM-AQ4C

General Description

The SPCM-AQ4C is a four-channel photon counting module capable of detecting single photons of light over the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1060 nm. Each channel is independent from the others.

Single Photon Counting Module 4 Channel Array

The SPCM-AQ4C uses a unique silicon avalanche photodiode (SLiK) that has a circular active area of 180 µm diameter with a peak photon detection efficiency exceeding 60% at 650 nm. Each photodiode is both thermoelectrically cooled and temperature controlled, ensuring stabilized performance despite changes in the ambient temperature.

The SPCM-AQ4C module uses an improved circuit with a peak count rate >4M c/s for short bursts of time on all four channels and a count rate of 1.5 M c/s for continuous operation. There is a “dead time” of 50 nanoseconds (ns) between pulses. The module requires +2 Volts, +5 Volt, and +30 Volt power supplies. The output of each channel – a TTL pulse that is 4.5 Volts high (into a 50 O load) and 25 ns wide – is available at the card edge behind the circuit board. Each TTL pulse corresponds to a detected photon. All input and output signals are available at the card connector.


Single molecule detection
High throughput single photon experiments
Photon correlation spectroscopy
Astronomical observation
Optical range finding
Adaptive optics
Ultra sensitive fluorescence
Particle sizing


Peak photon detection efficiency at 650 nm: 60% typical
Afterpulsing probability 0.5%
Gated input
TTL output
FC fiber connector mounted and aligned on each detector
Four channels in one package
Self-contained APD module with integrated electronics
ROHS compliant



Excelitas 4 Channel SPCM < 500 cps dark count (DC)

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Interface card, 4 channel, for SPCM-AQ4C

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