GSI SigmaDDR Series SRAM

Product Overview


GSI’s SigmaDDR™ SRAMs are the acknowledged leader in the industry with their combination of capacity and performance. SigmaDDR transaction rates are unequaled by any competitors.

SigmaDDR SRAMs are synchronous memories with a common read and write data bus. “DDR” refers to their ability to transfer 2 beats of data on the data bus in a single clock cycle. SigmaDDR memories are ideal for applications that alternate between read and write operations infrequently, at operating speeds of 250 MHz and above.

GSI’s SigmaDDR devices are compatible with all competitor Double Data Rate SRAMs.



GSI Tech - GSI SigmaDDR SRAM S IO, 288 Mb, x18, 400 MHz 165 B GA

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