Microchip – BM83 eval


Product Overview

The BM83 Bluetooth Audio Development Board (BM83 EVB) enables the user to evaluate and demonstrate thefunctionality of the BM83 audio module and IS2083BM System-on-Chip (SoC). This board is a complete, all-in-onesolution to develop multiple Bluetooth audio applications including portable speakers and headphones. The BM83EVB features an on-board PIC32 for Host MCU mode applications, an external codec to improve audio quality, adigital microphone to capture voice audio, indicator LEDs and buttons for ease of development.


Package Contents

• On-board microcontroller (PIC32MX450F256L) for easy operation and feature demonstration
• Plug-in module (PIM) socket for external microcontroller (MCU)
• STMicroelectronics codec (STA369BW) Daughter Board
• Two Digital Microphone (Knowles’ SPH0641LU4H-1) Daughter Board
• J-Link 6-Pin Adapter Board for IS2083BM debugging (contact factory for information about the SDK)
• On-board keypad matrix (audio control buttons) that can be controlled either by the BM83 module or the onboard PIC32 MCU


Bluetooth 5 certified BM83 module
• Aux-in, MIC-In, and Stereo out ports
• On-board thermistor
• 2 LEDs for the Bluetooth subsystem and various other LEDs configurable by the on-board MCU
• JTAG program/debug port, USB to UART port, XPRO header interfaces
• Li-ion battery connector, 15V DC power jack and USB power source



BM83 Bluetooth Audio Dev Brd on-board PIC32 for Host MCU


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