Microchip – Fusion Family

Product Overview

Microsemi Fusion® mixed signal FPGAs integrate configurable analog, large flash memory blocks, comprehensive clock generation and management circuitry, and high-performance, flash-based programmable logic in a monolithic device.

Microsemi’s innovative Fusion FPGA architecture can be used with the Microsemi soft microcontroller (MCU) core as well as the performance-maximized 32-bit ARM Cortex-M1 Processor. Pigeon Point devices (P1-prefixed devices) are used in conjunction with Pigeon Point ATCA IP cores and firmware. Fusion devices are the world’s first mixed signal FPGA platform. In addition to supporting commercial and industrial temperature devices, Microsemi now offers Fusion FPGAs with specialized screening for extended temperature applications.

The Fusion family includes:

– Fusion
– Extended Temperature Fusion
– M1 Fusion
– P1 Fusion


Key Features

– In-system configurable analog supports a wide variety of applications
– Up to 1 MB of user flash memory
– Extensive clocking resources
– Analog PLLs
– 1% RC oscillator
– Crystal oscillator circuit
– Real-time counter (RTC)
– Available in extended temperature grade from -55 °C to 100 °C
– Immune to configuration loss due to atmospheric neutrons (firm errors)

Flash Fabric

– Low power
– Secure
– Instant-On FPGAs
– Firm-Error Immune
– Single chip



Fusion Evaluation board with Fusion AFS600-FG256 device

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