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Product Overview

The Microsemi IGLOO® series of low-power flash FPGAs includes IGLOO/e, IGLOO nano and IGLOO PLUS – the industry’s low-power FPGAs.

IGLOO FPGA family are designed to meet the demand of low power and small foot print requirements of today’s portable and power-conscious electronics.

The IGLOO low-power FPGA family support up to 35K logic elements with up to 504 kbits of true dual-port SRAM, up to 6 embedded PLLs, and up to 620 user I/Os. Low-power applications that require 32-bit processing can use the ARM ® Cortex-M1 processor without license fee or royalties in M1 IGLOO devices.

The IGLOO FPGA family devices are available in small footprint (3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8 mm), high density, chip-scale and quad flat no-lead packages.

The IGLOO series includes:
– IGLOO/e with ARM Cortex-M1
– IGLOO nano


Flash*Freeze Technology

The Flash*Freeze technology used in IGLOO devices enables easy entry and exit from low power mode which consumes as little as 2 µW, while retaining SRAM and register data.

Flash*Freeze technology simplifies power management through I/O and clock management without a need to turn off voltages, I/Os, or clocks at the system level.In Flash*Freeze mode, power drops to as low as 2 µW, and no additional components are required to turn off I/Os or clocks while preserving the design information, SRAM content, and registers. I/Os can maintain their state during Flash*Freeze mode. Entering and exiting Flash*Freeze mode takes less than 1 µs.

Small Footprint Packages

Microsemi IGLOO low-power FPGAs are true single-chip devices, do not require configuration or other support components, and offer a variety of small-footprint packages with high I/O pin count to match design needs.

The Microsemi IGLOO family is offered in a small form factor (3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 8×8 mm), high-density, chip-scale packages and quad flat no-lead packages


Device Comparison

ARM – Enabled M1 IGLOO/e      
Overview The low-power programmable solution The industry’s lowest-power, smallest-size solution The low-power FPGA with more I/O per LE compared to IGLOO
Equivalent LEs 330-35K 100-3K 330-1K
Max User I/Os 620 71 212
Power Consumption 5  µW 2  µW 5  µW



Igloo Nano Evaluation board with AGLN250V2-VQG100 device

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