Microchip Polarfire FPGA


Product Overview

PolarFire FPGAs offer various device offerings such as design security with transceivers, low power transceiver devices, data security with transceivers, and low power data security with transceiver devices. All PolarFire FPGAs are integrated with multi-protocol industry-leading low-power transceivers. Low power (L) devices provide up to 35% lower static power. Also, data security (S) devices have an integrated DPA safe crypto accelerator


Cost-Optimized Architecture
• Transceiver performance optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which
yields smaller size
• Architecture and process optimizations for specific bandwidths
(10 Gbps–40 Gbps) at specific densities
• 1.6 Gbps I/Os—best-in-class hardened I/O gearing logic
with CDR (supports SGMII/GbE links on these GPIOs)
• High-performance, best-in-class hardened security IP in
mid-range devices


Power Optimization
• The lowest static power—28 nm non-volatile process yields
very low static power
• Optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields the lowest power
• Low-power modes—Flash*Freeze yields best-in-class
standby power
• Integrated hard IP—DDR PHY, PCIe endpoint/root port,
crypto processor
• Total power (static and dynamic)—up to 50% lower power



FPGA Polarfire 100K Gates 12.7 Gbps transceiver lane 1.0 V & 1.05 V operating modes


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