Microchip-ProASIC3 FPGA – A3P125-TQG144

Product Overview

The ProASIC®3 series of FPGAs, which includes ProASIC3/e, ProASIC3 nano, and ProASIC3L, offers a breakthrough in performance, density, and features for today’s most demanding high-volume applications.

ProASIC3 devices support the ARM – Cortex-M1 soft processor IP core, offering the benefits of programmability and time-to-market.

The ProASIC3 families are based on nonvolatile flash technology and support 100 to 35K LEs and up to 620 I/Os.

Military grade devices support 3K to 35K logic elements and 32-bit Cortex M1 soft processor implemented in the FPGA.


– Enhanced commercial temperature range
– Selectable Schmitt trigger inputs
– Hot-swappable and cold-sparing I/Os
– Reprogrammable and nonvolatile
– 1,024 bits of user flash memory
– Single-chip and Instant-ON



FPGA 125K Gates 350 MHz 1.575 V TQFP-144 0 C + 70 C

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