Microsemi IGLOO®2 FPGA Family

Product Overview

Microsemi’s IGLOO®2 FPGAs, targeted at the cost-optimized FPGA market, integrate fourth generation flash-based FPGA fabric and high performance communications interfaces on a single chip.

The IGLOO2 FPGAs offer a cost optimized FPGA with best-in-class feature integration coupled with the lowest power, highest reliability and most advanced security in the industry.

Best-In-Class: Integration, Power, Reliability & Security

Microsemi Leadership in Cost-Optimized FPGAs

– Highest number of 5G transceivers
– Highest number of GPIO
– Highest number of PCI Compliant 3.3V I/O
– Only FPGA with hardened memory subsystem
– Only non-volatile and instant-on mainstream FPGA

Microsemi Leadership in Low Power FPGAs

– 3X lower static power with no performance penalties
– Flash*Freeze real-time power management
– 25% lower total power

Microsemi Leadership in Reliable FPGAs

– Only FPGA with SEU immune fabric configuration cells
– Extended temperature support (Up to 125degC Tj)

Microsemi Leadership in Secure FPGAs

– Built-in state-of-the-art design security for all devices
– Easy-to-use!


Microsemi’s IGLOO2 FPGAs continue the company’s focus on addressing the needs of today’s cost optimized FPGA markets by providing a LUT based fabric, 5G transceivers, high speed GPIO, block RAM and DSP blocks in a differentiated, cost and power optimized architecture.

This next generation IGLOO2 architecture offers up to 5X more logic density and 3X more fabric performance than its predecessors and combines a non-volatile Flash based fabric with the highest number of general purpose I/O, 5G SERDES interfaces and PCI Express end points when compared to other products in its class



Igloo2 Evaluation board with M2GL010T-1FGG484 device

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