Osram – AM062800141 – SplitStar S32 RGBW Connectorized MCPCB

Product Overview

The SplitStar S32 RGBW – High Luminance LED

The S32 RGBW contains four 2 mm2 high-current chips per color. Thanks to the low thermal resistance of 0.05 K/W(5), each chip can be operated with up to 5 A (red 4 A), which generates a large amount of light from a small surface. The integrated temperature control via NTC allows continuous operation. Typical target applications of the S32 RGBW are stage spotlights of any size, though the module is equally suited for use in mood lights, as effect lighting for accents or as architectural lighting. By mixing different S32 RGBW values, you can create a wide range of colors, including pastel shades.



SplitStar S32 RGBW 5A 23V Connectorized MCPCB


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