Quectel EG91E CAT 1 Module

Product Overview

Quectel EG91EX IoT/M2M-optimized
LTE Cat 1 Module

EG91 is a series of LTE CAT 1 modules that contain 6 variants including; EG91-E, EG91-EX, EG91-NA, EG91-NS, EG91-VX and EG91-NAX. These modules were specially designed for IoT and M2M applications. Utilising 3GPP Rel. 11 LTE technology, it delivers maximum data rates up to 10Mbps downlink and 5Mbps uplink. Making the EG91 series perfect for IoT applications that are not reliant on high speed connectivity, but insist on longevity and the reliability of LTE.

EG91 is also pin-to-pin compatible with
Quectel UMTS/HSPA+ module UG95/UG96 & LPWA module BG95/BG96. It is also backward-compatible with existing GSM/
GPRS and UMTS/HSPA+ networks, ensuring that it can be connected even in remote areas wihere there is no 4G network coverage.


  • Cost-effective and low-power LTE connectivity
  • Rich Set of Internet Protocols
  • Compact SMT Form Factor

Regulatory: GCF/ CE/ RCM

Others: WHQL

Region: EMEA


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