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Robustel R3000 LG-OG is an IP67 outdoor LoRaWAN gateway, integrated with LoRaWAN wireless communication technology and cellular network technology, to provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission services.

Robustel R3000 LG-OG is an IP67 outdoor LoRaWAN gateway with a myriad of advanced features not usually found on such devices. Unique features include:

Smart Roaming – Unique network selection algorithm for intelligent network selection when using 3G/4G backhaul with roaming SIMs – gives highest possible resilience
RobustVPN – Make easy inbound connections to Robustel Gateways on ANY SIM or on any broadband connection. No fixed IP of DynDNS services required
Built-in LNS – Optional built-in LoRaWAN Network Server for applications that require local processing of network data – minimizes network traffic

The R3000LG-OG is based on Robustel’s best-selling router, the R3000. With many tens of thousands being sold annually, Robustel can achieve economies of scale on the R3000 series as a whole that many peers in the IoT market cannot reach. For this reason, Robustel can offer a very stable, industrial designed outdoor LoRa gateway at very attractive prices.

All of the latest models support Global LTE (4G) communications by virtue of the adoption of the latest Global cellular module technology.



Supports global LoRaWAN ISM frequency bands

Compatible with LoRaWAN and private protocols

Compatible with any LoRaWAN Network Server

Up to 8 channels supports receive data simultaneously

RobustOS Operating System with extensive SDK

Backhaul option supports 3G, 4G and Ethernet

Supports dual SIM + Smart Roaming for high availability cellular Comms IP67 ingress protection ithstanding water, dust and other extreme weather conditions

PoE power – single cable installation

Easy wall or pole mounting options



Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway 4G LTE, Ethernet,GPS, 868 mhz IP Enclosure, POE Splitter


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