Silicon Labs – Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Dev Kit for Smart Modules

Product Overview

BLE113 Development Kit is targeted for engineers evaluating BLE113 Bluetooth 4.0 single mode modules and developing or prototyping Bluetooth 4.0 systems utilizing BLE113 module(s).

BLE113 Development Kit features:

Evaluation board for BLE113 module containing

o On-Board debugger

o Switchable powering either from a coin cell battery or USB

o UART interface through USB to UART converter

o programming interface for upgrading the firmware and parameters

o Display connected to SPI

o Accelerometer connected to I2C

o Altimeter conneted to I2C

o Potentiometer for ADC input

o Push buttons for 4 PIOs and reset

o All the PIOs available at a pin header

o Current measurement points for measuring peak currents of the module, DC current of the module and DC current of the whole board.



Dev Kit for Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Modules

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Dev Kit for BLE112 Module

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Dev Kit for BLE113 Module

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