Unigraf – DPA-400 DP Aux Channel monitor

Product Overview

DPA-400 and its AUX Channel Monitor user interface (GUI) provides a compact, pocket-sized tool for recording and analyzing DisplayPort AUX channel traffic. It enables the user to monitor, capture, and document all AUX Channel transactions over a DisplayPort link.

AUX Channel Monitor GUI detects, timestamps, and parses all DisplayPort Configuration Data (DPCD) reads and writes, Multistream (MST) Sideband Channel Communication, and EDID reads.

The GUI is able to parse DPCD registers for DP versions up to 2.0. It decodes HDCP 1.3 and 2.3 messages and DP Sideband Channel Communication messages.

The activity of the Hot Plug Detect (HPD) signal and optional user-defined input signals will also be tracked and time-stamped.

Unigraf’s AUX Channel Monitor is a mandatory tool for any engineer that wants to verify and/or debug Compliance Tests and Interoperability Test results. By analyzing the details of the source-sink interaction, the designer is able to fully confirm the behavior of both parties. When the content of each read and write are available in detail, there will be no room for guessing.


* Compatible with all DP versions
* Device-independent
* Data interpreter with time stamps
* Detect and parse all DPCD locations
* Decode the Sideband CH Communication messages
* Pocket size
* USB controlled and powered

* Silicon validation
* Software debug and validation
* Resolve interoperability problems
* Monitoring and time measurement of events


DPA400 2.0


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