Unigraf – UFG-04 LVDS frame grabber

Product Overview

UFG-04 LVDS is an optimal tool for testing the fidelity of input and scaler units for flat-panel TVs and monitors. UFG-04 LVDS input directly matches the LVDS output of a flat panel LCD and PDP monitor controller. The capture board replaces the actual display for testing. The flexible design of the internal data handling enables custom data input configurations and conversions

UFG04 Console SW is an easy tool for previewing the captured content, ensuring the signal integrity and controlling the features of the board. With the included SDK the application designer can effectively integrate the UFG-04 LVDS as a part of an automated functional testing system.


* Captures images from High Definition LVDS video
* 135 MHz Dual FPD-Link Receiver
* 270 MPix/s maximum
* Full 30 bits per pixel color depth
* Compact half-size PCI card
* High-speed PCI-express bus
* 512 MPixels onboard capture buffer
* Sustained PCI bus data transfer speed up to 140 MBytes/s.



30 bit LVDS frame grabber PCI Express Bus

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