Pyrodetectors from Excelitas use the pyroelectric effect to recognize temperature variations by detecting changes in the infrared radiation received. Applications include motion and presence sensing, movement detection and intrusion alarm systems, and energy-saving motion-activated automatic light switches.

Excelitas was the first to introduce a family of detectors offering a digital signal output. The DigiPyro® truly digital pyroelectric infrared detector family is a complete range of digital pyrodetectors in TO metal housings, and also surface mount SMD packages for high volume. The DigiPyro® range includes dual-element models (PYD1788, PYD1798), the PYD2792 dual-element SMD variant, the four-element PYQ2898 and PYQ5848, and “Smart” DigiPyro® models PYD1096 and PYQ1098 – smart pyros with total motion electronics integration.

The majority of pyrodetector users will need some form of lens to determine the beam pattern within their detection system. We offers a number of off-the-shelf lenses for pyrodetectors thanks to our collaboration with Polymer Optics, a leading supplier of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) lenses and PIR lens design services to the security and lighting control industries. Contact us for more details.