Quality – Certificates & Policies

Quality Throughout the Business

A focus on quality has always been important for Solid State Supplies. We believe there are huge benefits for companies committed to a quality ethos throughout their business.

Staff in every department are encouraged to consider how to make quality inherent in how they do everything, every day. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve every business interaction. Our aim is to make even the smallest process reliable and robust, and we employ quality management tools to provide a framework for collecting and analysing data to this end. 

Maintaining a quality ethos is challenging when a company expands, and particularly so when that expansion happens by acquisition. The Solid State group has acquired several companies in recent years; each time, we have been able to integrate a new team of people with different strengths, processes and systems into the wider group, benefitting from complementary capabilities, sharing best practice and learning from each other. 

The quality certifications and accreditations listed below represent recognised industry benchmarks, and provide assurance of our capabilities to maintain robust and reliable processes and procedures.