SPCMs – Single Photon Counting Modules

Single Photon Counting Modules from Excelitas Technologies achieve excellent performance in very low light level applications

SPCMs – Single Photon Counting Modules – detect single photons of light over the 400-1060nm wavelength range – a range and sensitivity that often outperforms a photomultiplier tube. A key strength is the peak photon detection efficiency of up to 80% @ 700nm, with selections for various wavelengths available.

The active area of 180µm is the largest on the market, with uniformity that is simply unmatched. SPCMs have extremely high single-photon detection efficiency, and are much more sensitive than the PMT in the visible range. 

Single Photon Counting Modules – Applications

Typical applications for these single photon detectors include LIDAR, Photon-Correlation Spectroscopy, Astronomical Observation, Optical Range Finding, Adaptive Optics, Ultra-Sensitive Fluorescence, Particle Sizing and Quantum Communication.

Excelitas SPCM-AQ4C

The SPCM-AQ4C is a four-channel photon counting module capable of detecting single photons of light over the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1060 nm. Each channel is independent from the others.

Excelitas SPXM-AQRH

The newly enhanced SPCM-AQRH Single-Photon Counting Module detects single photons over the wavelength range of 400 nm to 1064 nm with performance parameters superior to other solid state or vacuum-tube based photon counters.

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