The New Robustel R1511

Robustel R1511 Lite-Industrial IoT Router

Robustel has announced the release of the R1511 Lite-Industrial IoT Router. The Robustel R1511 is part of the R1510 series; a range of powerful Industrial routers that deliver high-speed, wireless connectivity for IoT devices, with automatic failover to ensure ultimate stability and reliability.

The Robustel R1511 is a cost-effective 2G/3G/4G/LTE router with a dual Ethernet port (LAN + WAN), paired with advanced software functionalities, making it the ideal choice for entry-level IoT gateways suitable for most industries.


  • Dual Ethernet and choice of RS232 or RS485 port
  • Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Gateway built-in
  • Ethernet, Wifi and 4G internet connection options with auto-failover
  • Free cloud management platform: Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS)
  • Fully programmable Linux environment with excellent SDK Documentation
  • ‘Smart Reboot’ for enhanced roaming SIM management
  • RobustVPN provides fixed IP address on ANY SIM card
  • Full SMS control for diagnosis and recovery from data network problems
  • Very small footprint for space-constrained applications
  • Wall-mount and DIN-rail mounting options available

Robustel R1511-P Embedded 4G/LTE Router

The R1511P is a cost-effective small footprint board. It offers Ethernet WAN, Wifi WAN and 4G WAN interfaces that can all be independently configured in our powerful onboard Operating System – RobustOS.

View the Robustel R1511-P here

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Quectel EG21-G and EG25-G

Bringing Global Communications to Embedded Platforms

In today’s totally global economy, the last thing that anybody wants is a barrier to sales when exporting their product. Quectel have now enabled companies to build globally approved products with 4G LTE CAT1 and CAT4 modems, using the EG21-G and EG25-G easy-to-use MINI PCIe cards with integrated SIM holder (optional) or solder-down modules. Both of these modules have been optimised for today’s ever expanding Internet of Things (IoT) requirements supporting Worldwide LTE CAT1 and CAT4 with UMTS/HSPA(+) and GSM/GPRS/EDGE in an easy-to-use industry standard MINI PCIe form factor. These modules support antenna diversity and on-board Multi Constellation GNSS engine; all connected via industry standard plug-in MINIPCIe & U.FL connectors. A vast range of high performance antennas to support these services are readily available from Solid State Supplies.

Regarding performance in terms of communication speed, the LTE CAT1 & CAT4 supports speeds of 10 Mbps (DL) / 5Mbps(UL) and 150 Mbps (DL) / 50Mbps(UL) respectively. These modules also support a rich set of internet protocols, industry standard interfaces and a wide range of functionalities (USB serial drivers for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux, Android/eCall*). Software features include USB Serial Driver: Windows, Windows CE, Linux & Android, RIL Driver, NDIS Driver, ECM Driver*, Gobinet Driver, QMI_WWAN Driver and a comprehensive and expanding range of Protocols. TCP/UDP/PPP/FTPHTTP/NTP/PING/QMI/NITZ/SMTP/CMUX*/HTTPS*/MMS*/FTPS*SMTPS*/SSL*/FILE*

Carrier Approvals Include

TELUS (Canada), Anatel (Brazil), Deutsche Telecom (Germany), US Cellular (USA), CE RED (Europe), FCC (USA), IC/ISED (Canada), ICASA (South Africa), JATE (Japan), KC/RCM (Australia), TELEC (Japan), VERIZON (USA), AT&T (USA), GFC/IFTEL (MEXICO), NCC (TAIWAN), PTCRB (USA).

*Under Development

Please note: these are ever-expanding but are correct on the date of publication.

For further details on the Quectel EG21-G and EG25-G, call +44 (0)1527 830800 or use the form below to get in touch.