New Partnership: IoT Think Solutions

A specialist IoT software company, IoThink Solutions (‘IoThink’), and franchised distributor, Solid State Supplies Ltd (‘Solid State Supplies’), have announced their new strategic partnership to strengthen their IoT solution offerings to their customers. IoThink will be a highly complementary service to the hardware and support that Solid State Supplies offers.

IoThink Solutions provides a complete suite of IoT software using the Kheiron IoT Suite. Customers can create and customise their own IoT platform quickly and easily, adapting to their specific needs. ‘Our partnership with Solid State Supplies Ltd is a real opportunity for us to expand in the UK, and among others within the electronics OEM community which is one of our core targets. We particularly appreciate the technical expertise of their teams and their outstanding customer service as well as their flexibility which allows us to address a plurality of markets.’

Solid State Supplies is a franchised distributor for some of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers – including communication devices, modules, and silicon – where traditionally, the primary business has been hardware design or integration. Today, these customers are now looking towards digital representation of their assets.

The IoT Technology Director, Scott A. Brenton, at Solid State Supplies said ‘we are very excited to be partnering with IoThink Solutions as we see them as the perfect fit for our IoT strategy.  IoT project success is built on collaboration and utilising the expertise available.   We are extremely proud of the support we can offer though our hardware suppliers, who we consider to be the best in the world.  Complementing this with IoThink’s ability to help our customers monitor, analyse and control their equipment through their software (SaaS), we can extend further support and expertise to our customers to help them make a success of their IoT projects.  Simply put, this makes Solid State Supplies the IoT distributor of choice for both hardware and software.’

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