Robustel R1511P-DevKit: Embedded 4G Router Development Kit

The Robustel R1511P Development Kit contains all the parts required to evaluate the suitability of the R1511P embedded 4G router for integration into custom applications.

The R1511P-DevKit features:

  • The R1511P embedded router: a small footprint powerful 4G router board, fully customisable in software
  • Dual Ethernet, Wifi (AP and client) and 4G/3G/2G capability
  • RS232 (default) or RS485 port for connection to serial devices + integrated Modbus gateway
  • Pre-certified PCB means that manufacturer certification challenges are minimised
  • Fully programmable Linux environment with excellent SDK Documentation
  • Can be connected directly to Raspberry Pi or similar low-cost embedded PC for internet access
  • “Smart Reboot” included for enhanced Roaming SIM management
  • Bulk packaging + shipping options to minimise addition to customer BOM cost
  • Free Cloud platform with API

The R1511P Embedded Cellular Router

The Robustel R1511P is a fully featured embedded 4G router designed for IoT applications such as EV charging, traffic signs, vending machines, medical instrumentation, industrial instrumentation, and many more.

Embedded routers can offer a combination of both cost and size benefits compared to traditional routers; the R1511P is a cost-effective, small footprint board with Ethernet WAN, Wi-Fi WAN and 4G WAN interfaces, which can all be independently configured in the powerful onboard Operating System – RobustOS.

RobustOS is Robustel’s Linux based router operating system that offers functionality that could save a software engineer many months to write and test.

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The New Robustel R1511

Robustel R1511 Lite-Industrial IoT Router

Robustel has announced the release of the R1511 Lite-Industrial IoT Router. The Robustel R1511 is part of the R1510 series; a range of powerful Industrial routers that deliver high-speed, wireless connectivity for IoT devices, with automatic failover to ensure ultimate stability and reliability.

The Robustel R1511 is a cost-effective 2G/3G/4G/LTE router with a dual Ethernet port (LAN + WAN), paired with advanced software functionalities, making it the ideal choice for entry-level IoT gateways suitable for most industries.


  • Dual Ethernet and choice of RS232 or RS485 port
  • Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Gateway built-in
  • Ethernet, Wifi and 4G internet connection options with auto-failover
  • Free cloud management platform: Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS)
  • Fully programmable Linux environment with excellent SDK Documentation
  • ‘Smart Reboot’ for enhanced roaming SIM management
  • RobustVPN provides fixed IP address on ANY SIM card
  • Full SMS control for diagnosis and recovery from data network problems
  • Very small footprint for space-constrained applications
  • Wall-mount and DIN-rail mounting options available

Robustel R1511-P Embedded 4G/LTE Router

The R1511P is a cost-effective small footprint board. It offers Ethernet WAN, Wifi WAN and 4G WAN interfaces that can all be independently configured in our powerful onboard Operating System – RobustOS.

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Robustel: Low-Cost Industrial-Grade LoRa Gateway

A Long-Range (LoRa) Gateway at a basic level is quite a simple construct; it takes RF packets (typically 868/915MHz) on the LoRa side and sends them to a LoRaWAN Network Server on the “TCP/IP” side of the box. In this way, it can fulfil its basic role as a ‘distributed antenna’, shifting sensor data from the application environment to the Cloud.

Additional features are required for real-world deployments and this article takes a brief look at the key components that make up the full proposition of the R3000LG Gateway: hardware, software, support and price.


The R3000LG is based on the popular R3000 4G router from Robustel. This means that there are already well over 100,000pcs of the core product in the market – a volume that is atypical in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) currently.

This means that the design is tried and tested with thousands of units in the field working for many years. The unit has RS232, RS485, Digital Inputs and Ethernet ports as well as the core LoRa capability which can be invaluable if the scope of a project creeps, and more IO is required.

TPH6700 is an IP67 Enclosure with integral POE splitter that turns the R3000LG into a cost-effective outdoor solution, allowing outdoor deployment of the R3000LG via just a single piece of CAT5/6 cable.


RobustOS is Robustel’s brilliant Linux-based router operating system that offers functionality far beyond a typical Gateway. Robustel has this advantage from being a high-volume 4G router manufacturer, perfecting RobustOS over the last 5 years.

Key features:

  • RobustVPN: Innovative use of Open VPN tunneling to provide a fixed IP address on the Gateway independent of SIM or ISP used
  • Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS): Robustel’s Free Cloud management platform – essential for managing an estate of Gateways effectively
  • Data Guard: Critical ‘failsafe’ that stops unexpected data over-usage within seconds of a threshold being breached
  • Smart Roaming: Essential recovery solution for when your roaming SIM card doesn’t roam
  • Automated failover: Configure the Gateway to automatically fail from Ethernet WAN to 4G with just a few clicks


Robustel and their distribution partners have an Industrial heritage and pride themselves in their support. They are able to deliver fast and accurate answers to techical issues, which is enabled by Robustel writing the operating system entirely in-house. With over 10 years of product design expertise, this means that in the rare instance there is a hardware issue, advice is quick to follow.


The Robustel R3000LG is arguably the best price-to-performance Gateway on the market with one simple fact that underpins the claim. The R3000LG is based on a stable design of 4G router of which well over 100,000 units have already been sold. The R3000LG tremendously benefits from these economies of scale and that is why – for volume deployments – there is no better value 8-channel Gateway on the market.

If you have any questions about LoRa or Robustel, and how it can benefit your business, speak to one of our experts today.

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Robustel Device Management Platform: RCMS

Robustel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial quality solutions for the IoT and M2M market, and are recognised for their portfolio of wireless modems, routers and gateways in forms of IoT solutions. Part of what makes their portfolio successful is the Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS). RCMS was designed to provide rapid device deployment and extensive management through clear user interface and on-boarding processes, making it a flexible, secure and cost-effective way to collect, store and distribute device data.

RCMS is available as a hosted Cloud service or as a locally installed (Stack) service.


Management Dashboard
Central dashboard provides a clear, visual overview of all your connected devices’ statuses in one place including device data usage, performance and cost.

Zero-Touch Deployment
Remotely deploy and manage your Robust devices through templates and profiles instantly without user intervention

Device Monitoring
Understand your environment by identifying/preventing problems through historical/current data on individual/group devices. Get reports and alerts on network connectivity, signal quality, data usage, packet loss, and more.

SIM Card Integration
Integrate with leading SIM providers to control and monitor your SIMs from a single interface through power API integrations

Remote Management
Monitor, diagnose and fix remote devices through an online interface. You can also remotely configure and perform firmware updates on individual or bulk devices in seconds.

RCMS brings next generation hardware defined VPN solution to your fleet – RobustVPN makes creating and monitoring VPN connections simple and can integrate with popular protocols like OpenVPN.

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    Solid State Supplies IoT Framework Proves Success

    At Solid State Supplies, our team always strives to deliver a very high level of service excellence to both our customers and suppliers alike. Following the explosion in demand for the Internet of Things (IoT), we have developed a new strategy to provide customers with an end-to-end IoT solution. Forming new partnerships and strengthening existing relationships with leading IoT experts, we are able to offer both hardware and software IoT solutions to enable customers to deploy and return their maximum IoT potential. 

    As part of this new IoT strategy, we have utilised the ‘Solid State Supplies 5 Stage IoT Framework’:

    1. Thing
    2. Connect
    3. Collect
    4. Learn
    5. Do

    In January 2020 this was recognised by Robustel, as we received their award for ‘Outstanding Growth for the Year 2019’. Robustel has become a highly effective cornerstone for the ‘Connect’ element of our IoT Framework. The award was presented by David Evans, Robustel Country Manager UK and Ireland, at Solid State Supplies’ head office in Redditch, UK.

    “Solid State Supplies have achieved remarkable growth, despite financial uncertainty of Brexit. Their sales team have been quick to grasp the “how-to-use” points and the innovation available from the Robustel product line.”

    Success has been derived from a number of different applications including, a significant win with a high street Retail chain for a large roll out of 4G routers, an automatic number plate recognition camera manufacturer, and an industrial automation giant in the Food and Beverage industry. Continued success will be driven from the strong pipeline for 2020 and beyond, led by our IoT Technology Director, Scott A Brenton.

    If you would like to find out what IoT can mean for your business, please use the contact form below to get in touch.