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Coronavirus in China: Latest Updates - Solid State Supplies

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Please see below for the latest updates from Solid State Supplies and Manufacturers

Monday 24th Feb

Official statement from Alliance Memory can be found here.

Tuesday 12th Feb

Monday 10th Feb

There have been further updates from Kingtech – please contact our sales team to find out more +44 (0)1527 830800.

Thursday 6th Feb

Tuesday 4th Feb

We now have detailed updates from the following suppliers.

Giga Devices






Customers who have deliveries potentially affected by the unfortunate situation in China and the Far East have been contacted. If we have not contacted you then it is unlikely that your shipments have been affected. However if you wish to get a more detailed update then please feel free to call your customer service rep on 01527 830800.

Thursday 30th Jan, 2020 15:17

Some Manufacturers in China only have confirmed that they are closed until 9th Feb – other locations remain unaffected. Please contact +44 (0)1527 830 800 for more information.

Thursday 30th Jan, 2020

Official Statement from Solid State Supplies

As I am sure this is the case for everyone impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak in China as it is for everyone, here at Solid State we have nothing but concern and sympathy for the very serious situation in China right now. Like everyone else, we are hoping for a solution to be found to prevent any further suffering and for lives to return to normal.

There have been multiple rumours about the impact of the virus on shipments from China. At this stage, the only factual information we have is that the Chinese government has extended the spring holiday (Chinese New Year holiday) to the 2nd February. Some manufacturers may be closed up until the 9th however we will update this page once we confirm which companies that will be.

Solid State Supplies is currently trying to ascertain what – if any – impact the recent outbreak of coronavirus in China will have on our supply chain.

We have already taken steps to account for the Chinese New Year and have correspondingly increased our stock holding as we do every year. Our normal level of buffer stocks will protect our customers for some time but we recognise the importance of making business decisions based on fact.

We have to-date identified all shipments that are expected from China over the next 6 weeks. We are now in the process of trying to make contact with each of these suppliers. As you will appreciate, this is not as simple as it may seem as many factories have now closed completely.

If you have a specific concern about an order or a device that you have on order with us, then please do call our internal sales team who will be happy to give you the latest information that they have. In the event that we get any information that would cause us to have to delay deliveries, we will proactively call you to update you.

Please be assured of our best attention at all times.