Introduction to Digi XBee/RF Communications for IoT Solution Development - April 2019

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This workshop is an introduction to RF Communications, to connect wireless sensors to the cloud for remote monitoring and control.

Tuesday 9th April 2019

@ Solid State Supplies HQ, Ravensbank Business Park, Hedera Road, Redditch, B98 9EY.

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Based around the Digi XBee family this informative workshop will cover the principles of RF communications detailing some of the more common frequencies and protocols used. Participants will leave the workshop with all the knowledge required to start working on an XBee RF application to create solutions for monitoring and controlling sensors remotely.

The workshop is free-of-charge, and attendees will be provided with refreshments and lunch during the course of the day.

Free WiFi access, stationery and training material will be provided.

Development kits and development PCs preloaded with the development tools will also be provided. Participants may be requested to pair up and share a kit and PC for the training.



  • Coffee, registration and welcome
  • Partner Introduction

Introduction to RF technologies

  • RF basics
  • Available frequencies and topologies
  • Detailed overview of protocols such as ZigBee, 802.15.4, DigiMesh and LTE-IoT
  • Trustfence security framework for Digi RF products

Digi RF product overview

  • Digi XBee module product family incl. XBee3 and XBee NB-IoT
  • XBee RF Gateways
  • Benefits and features of the Digi solution (incl. AT and API modes)
  • Interface boards and development kits
  • Programming support (Micro Python) and XBee application frameworks

Hands-On 1: Getting started with the XBee3 embedded module

  • Using the X-CTU software for configuration and communication
  • XBee API messaging example
  • Performing a range test
  • Surveying the RF network using the X-CTU spectrum analyzer

12:30 LUNCH

Hands-On 2: XBee edge intelligence & remote access

  • Creating and monitoring a larger RF network
  • Remote management using DRM
  • Adding edge intelligence to the XBee using Micro Python

RF M2M Design Guide

  • Example network design incl. “working principle”
  • Advanced network features such as Many-to-one routing

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