LED Engin

LED Engin is a US-based manufacturer of LED components and light source modules that are ultra-compact yet ultra-bright. LED Engin provides lighting designers & engineers the freedom to create uncompromised lighting experiences by delivering the highest quality light in a uniquely special, compact package.

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, they are the specialists in ultra-bright, ultra-compact solid state lighting solutions.

LED products (capable of emitting 2,000+ lumens) are used mainly for general lighting, display, automotive, and medical/dental applications. LED-Engin commercially available LED component products range from 3W to 40W in white, direct colors, RGB, RGBA, Far Red, Deep Red, Dental Blue and UV. The company also offers customer-specific solid-state lighting solutions.

Products Range

LED - Accessories

LED - CCT Tuneable

LED - Colour

LED - Custom

LED - High Power

LED - Infra-Red

LED - Multi-Colour

LED - Ultra-Violet A (UV-A)

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