Microchip PIC18-Q43 Family

Product Overview

The PIC18-Q43 product family combines our most popular, versatile and easy-to-use Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) with advanced interconnection capabilities for effortless hardware customization. These microcontrollers (MCUs) are equipped with Direct Memory Access (DMA), Configurable Logic Cells (CLCs), 16-bit PWMs, a 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Computation (ADCC) and multiple communication interfaces. This combination of peripherals simplifies the creation of customized hardware-based functions, improves system response and reduces the number of external components and code development time. They are well suited for a wide range of real-time control applications including industrial control, consumer, automotive, motor control, capacitive touch sensing and Internet of Things (IoT).


– 64 MHz internal oscillator
– Up to 128 KB Flash program memory
– 1 KB data EEPROM
– Up to 8 KB data SRAM
– Six Direct Memory Access (DMA) channels
– Three 16-bit dual PWMs provide six PWM outputs
– Eight CLCs
– 8-bit buffered DAC
– 12-bit ADCC with up to 43 channels
– Three CWGs
– Two analog comparators
– Windowed Watch Dog Timer (WWDT)
– Five UART, SPI, and I2C interfaces
– Available in 28-, 40-, 44- and 48-pin packages



8-bit MCU Family 16-bit PWMs, a 12-bit A-D Converter

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